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Creative Warranties

Custom Warranty, Pre-Packaged Warranty Policies


Our company was founded by a group of white and blue collar average individuals who were tired of getting the runaround on Product and Service (Labor) warranties that either didn’t come with the purchase, was misplaced or lost over time , at risk of expiring which needs an extension. This daily runaround came from everyday well-known manufacturers and retailers in our local neighborhoods. The manufacturers and retailers we are referring to always found something in the “fine print” to discredit and disqualify the warranty policy of the product or service. This leaves us, the consumer, with no alternative other than to buy a new product or pay for the service again Therefore, Creative Warranties was created as a solution to this problem. Creative Warranties offers consumers an easy, no haggle warranty solution. Our products include pre-packaged, creative, and customizable warranty policies for products and services that cannot be found anywhere else at our low prices. This can be a one-time purchase or monthly payments for extended ongoing warranties with no contracts and can be cancelled at any time. Whether or not you just need one part for your car warranted or the full drive-train, we’ve got you covered.