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Hilton Head Solar and Roofing

the best solar & roofing contractor in Ridgeland, SC


Hilton Head Solar and Roofing
305 Lowcountry Dr Suite 102, Ridgeland, SC, 29936
(843) 217-6527

With 20+ years of experience directly installing renewable energy systems & building residential homes from the ground up – Hilton Head Solar & Roofing specializes in solar panels & roofing installations using the most efficient & awarded solar modules in the market.
At Hilton Head Solar & Roofing we pride ourselves to provide the highest quality installation, top-of-the-line equipment, and impeccable service to assure that your solar system will reliably provide your home with clean, renewable electricity for years to come.

Call Hilton Head Solar & Roofing today for your complimentary solar evaluation. It only takes 15 minutes to find out if solar is right for you.


Working hours:   Monday – Friday – 9AM-5PM;

Payment terms:    All Major Credit Cards and Checks;

Commercial customers: Commercial Leasing for Solar Energy; Loans for Solar Energy;