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National Performance Specialists (NPS)


National Performance Specialists (NPS) is a third party certification agency that tests the competency of allied health professionals. NPS uses a unique learning management system to provide preparatory materials, exams and credential verifications to their members. As one of the only certification agencies with a secure method of providing online testing, NPS leads a reform in the way healthcare workers become certified. The NPS learning management system allows for examinations to be completed online, from home. This system reduces contact, cost, and the time it takes for candidates to receive the results of their exams as the automated system provides exam results and proof of certification instantly. National Performance Specialists (NPS) aims to provide affordable and convenient certifications that employers can trust. NPS provides completely free preparatory materials, including full study guides and unlimited practice exams. NPS Certifications can be verified instantly using the members unique certification number within the online verification portal. NPS certifications are required to be renewed every two years by completing continuing education. NPS is a long time member of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (I.C.E.), and has certified thousands of allied health professionals. NPS works closely with several staffing agencies to assist certified members with job opportunities. In addition to the study materials and exam attempts, NPS also provides all of their members with a completely free resume building tool to help them create the perfect resume.. NPS also works with instructors and training institutions to provide certification resources for students and teachers. The NPS Group Management Portal allows instructors to manage their students and monitor their progression throughout the certification process. NPS is continuously evolving to create software and procedures that meet the needs of healthcare workers, their employers, and patients.

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