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Welcome to’s Best Pet Shipping Los Angeles Professional Pet Transport Services. Offering VIP dog, cat or pet pick-up’s from LAX and International Pet Transport to and from any destination in the world.

SCApet offers a safe, secure and comprehensive worldwide pet relocation service for pets of all species and breeds. We also offer our worldwide VIP door to door pet transport service.
Whether the pet shipping service is for a new traveling domestically or traveling overseas, the process can be overwhelming and complicated. SCA Pet Transport specializes in live animal transport and treats each pet traveling as if it were our own.

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How do I relocate my pet to another country?

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We provide the most humane pet relocation services. You can trust SCA Pet Transport Logistics for your pet’s safe and comfortable travel.
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SCA Pet Transport Logistics
8939 S Sepulveda Blvd #102
Los Angeles, CA 90045