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Scraps Industries Inc- ldpe film, scrap pet bottle

are you looking for LDPE film, scrap pet bottle or any other type of scrap and then you're welcome to our company.


Scraps Industries, Inc. is born with vision and our mission is to create business opportunity where buyer and seller could have successful business relationship with the aim of mutual benefit. Established in 1993 is a leading exporters of scrap materials which comprise of LDPE films; and variety other type of plastics, ferrous and non-ferrous metal. With decades of our experience, we are thrilled to say that we have served the industry for over 28 years and have kept all our customer demands merited. Thousands vast of our customer have achieved their dream through us and we are glad as we have wished to be beneficiary to customers. At our premises, we handle variety plastics and LDPE film scrap is one of these we export. However, ongoing of LDPE film could be purchased at our company at affordable price.

We have dedicated ourselves to serve humanity since we do what we love. Scraps Industries Inc also deal on variety other plastic like PET bottle scrap, HDPE bottle scrap and etc. Nevertheless, at our company, we have staff whom handle and cherish our customer’s demands like egg. Like provider and don’t value customers requirement but at our company we do. With decades of our experience, we have learnt how valued quality is to our customers and we endeavor to provide the same with no hesitation. Meanwhile, the Scrap PET bottles contains post-consumer with little of post-industrial/industrial waste. When you take about geographically, we ship and we deliver globally since we have our thousands of our provider across the continent; whom provide with best quality of these scrap Also, we serve traders as well as recyclers. So are you a trader or recycler looking for LDPE film or scrap PET bottle? And then you are welcome to our esteem company.