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Getting your business found online can be difficult, especially if you do not know where to start. This is true of many small- to medium-sized businesses. However, there is a simple way that you can improve your online visibility and presence online. You could look into listing your business on a free online business directory

The benefits of a business directory free listing are impressive when done correctly. You will notice that your search engine optimization efforts are improved as well as your website traffic. This is because search engines will easily be able to find your details and present these results to consumers who are searching for your business or related keywords. 

But it can be difficult to choose which free business directory is the best fit for you. So, keep reading below for a list of the best free business directories in the USA. 

FreeFind USA

FreeFind USA is a premier online business directory which allows you to list your business free of charge. By listing your business here, users across America and the world are able to search for and find your business easily. They are also able to share their experiences of your business with others, improving your online presence and reputation. 

This platform allows you to manage your online reputation with an easy-to-use reviews section, access and update your business information at any time, and use the impressive SEO ranking of FreeFind USA to improve your own. The high-quality backlinks form the directory can be used to boost your SEO rankings and overall visibility online. 

Angie’s List

Angie’s List allows users to set up a profile for free using their basic business information. It also allows businesses to interact directly with consumers using the directory, which is a unique feature in the directory niche. The site is geared towards handymen, roofers, tilers, plumbers, and other similar companies and businesses. 

Angie’s List works by gathering reviews about your company and listing these on their site. This helps the public to decide on which businesses will best suit their needs. And the positive reviews on the website will help to improve both your online rankings as well as your trustworthiness in the eyes of users. 


Manta is a small business directory that also offers educational marketing and advertising courses to its users. It is free to use and covers a diverse range of businesses such as food and beverage, health, and even industrial sectors. Business owners are able to improve their online presence as well as reach a wider audience that they might not have had access to previously. 

The support team on Manta is helpful and resourceful, helping business owners by providing tips on how to reach their audience, improve their marketability, and bring in more website traffic. Profiles are easy to add, without too much in-depth information needed. There are, however, paid memberships for those who would like more control over their listings and these can range from $99 to $594. 


EZLocal is one of the more popular fre online business directories in the USA. It allows users to add a local business listing for free as well as extra information such as what payment methods are accepted, whether or not there is free WiFi available, and so on. This additional information will help to improve your SEO rankings and help users to find you. 

One of the reasons why EZLocal is so popular is that it also adds your information to search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Some of their services also include help with social media management and website design, but these features are not part of the free directory listing package. They are known for being impressive digital reputation managers, and their free service is as responsive as their paid plans. 

Discover Our Town

Discover Our Town is a little different to the other online directories, in that it is focused on travel, tourism, and relocation. Users can upload their business information for free and this will help their businesses to be found by people who might be moving to or visiting their location. It will also help to improve your onine presence if you are a smaller business. 

The website is simple but effective, with an easy-to-use uploading page for all your information. It is listed by state, so it is important to include this information in your listing. This site is popular with businesses who cate to consumers who might be looking for a place to stay while relocating or a business related to tourism. This can help to improve your presence and it can encourage local users to search for and find your business. 

Boost Your Business Online

Using an online business directory is easy and effective. It is also a highly affordable way to get your business noticed and to improve your rankings and reputation. Many of these directories are free, but there are some that offer paid packages with exciting features. 

If you are interested in using a free business directory to boost your business, contact FreeFind USA today fr more information.